On the in stroke, on the out stroke.

Playing with my new Lelo from my extremely generous anonymous donor. I think I just might like this even more than the Hitachi… Plus it doesn’t feel like I’m burning my clit off if I edge for a long time. Booyah!

Pics still to come (I’m doing this list more for me so I don’t forget):
Glass dildo
Pussy pump
Posture collar
Fox tail (when it comes in)
Face harness (which I need Hubby to help me with because when I tried to put it on the other day it confused the absolute shit out of me)




You just fucking love to be a throat cunt for your Daddy and his friends, don’t you.  You love knowing that you’re nothing but this tool for them to use to get off.  They don’t have to care about you, respect you, consider how sore you might get, just that you’re this hot, wet, tight little hole to plunge their cocks in and out of, essentially using your mouth like it was some fake little fleshlight jerk off tube they bought at a porn shop. You love how unconscious they are when they act like they’re so turned on they can’t stand it but to grab you by the back of the head and fuck your throat  hard as they thrust their hips into your lips.  You know your lips are just a cushioned landing pad for the base of their cock.  And you love the feeling of them smashing their pelvis into your mouth so you realize they are all the way inside your hole. 

More than anything, you love how you almost can’t take it, how you almost gag with all that spit building up around their cock to make it slide in and out so easily.  It gets everywhere… all around your mouth, dripping down your face, into your eyes. Daddy will spit on your face while another cock id fucking your throat just to make you feel like a cheap used whore.  But you love it. You even push the spit out of your mouth when you get a chance to breathe, let the spit run down across your cheeks, nose, and more.  You want to look like a whore because you feel like one and nothing makes you more wet than to be a slimy, fucking filthy used object whose appearance is all but gone behind a wall of men’s fluids. You wish other guys would cum on your face while one of them fucks and cum down your throat, and that your Daddy would smear that hot creamy jizz all over your face. You long to be a pretty, wet, messy hole for your Daddy and other men.  That’s exactly what he’s going to turn you into.